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Agree to the Collection and Use of Your Personal Information

Personal information items collected

LS Mtron collects the following personal information items for customer support purposes.

ㆍCollected items : name, mobile phone number, e-mail

ㆍHow to collect personal information: Website (Customer Inquiry)

Goals of personal information collection and use

LS Mtron collects personal information for the following purposes.

ㆍ Special menu usage privilege (customer support request) grantedPlease note that we do not collect any sensitive personal information whose collection is likely to infringe upon the basic human rights of our users (race, ethnicity, beliefs, hometown, political preferences, criminal record, health condition, sexual preference, etc.). region of origin,

Personal information retention and usage period

In principle, personal information that is collected will be immediately disposed of once the goal of its collection has been achieved. In some cases, it may be preserved for longer when we are required by law to retain personal information for a specific period.

ㆍ Preserved items: name, home address, phone number, mobile phone number, email address.

ㆍ Basis: Record of consumer complaints or dispute handling.

ㆍ Preservation period: 1 year.

You have the right to refuse consent for the collection and use of personal information as described above.

However, please be aware that if you refuse, it may result in limitations on customer service.